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Large Pineapple Wall Chart
Large Pineapple Wall Chart
Large Pineapple Wall Chart
Large Pineapple Wall Chart
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Large Pineapple Wall Chart

Large A1 (25" x 33") Pineapple Poster - Vintage Pineapple School Chart -Pineapple Pull Down Chart - Museum Quality

High Quality Pull Down Chart handmade by us in Berlin, Germany. Comes with dowels and string - ready to hang.

∆ Dimensions:
Canvas: A1 23” wide x 33” tall | 59.4 cm wide x 84.1 cm tall
Dowel: and hardware adds 2” (5 cm) to width.

Other sizes available

Please note that the descriptions and words on this print are in German.

➳ extensive, curated selection of rare prints
➳ professional high-res scanning
➳ color adjustment based on the original from our archive
➳ heavy-weight canvas
➳ best archival pigments available (fade-proof for 70+ years)

✯ shipped globally w/ tracking via UPS express in protective and sturdy cardboard
✯ approx. 10 days globally, and 5 days within Europe
✯ we offer flat-rate shipping, so there's no cost for additional prints

My team and I have been collecting books and curating prints for 10 years, selling in German markets for 5, and online for a couple years. We know what we’re doing. We are an eclectic blend of biologists, teachers, artists, and designers. But the thing that unites us is a passion for our work: digging through our massive archive of over 50,000 prints, searching for the rare, the beautiful few and using our technical know-how to create the best reproductions possible scanned directly from the originals. Each print you see requires several hours of work in order to meet our standards. In a word, we’re selling museum-quality prints at thrift store prices, and we love it. Thanks for visiting, and feel free to contact me with any questions!

- Uwe

p.s. - please be aware that slight color variation due to monitor differences can occur

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Materials: archival ink,archival paper

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Delivery time: approx. 5-10 days