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Large Vintage Moby Dick School Chart
Large Vintage Moby Dick School Chart
Large Vintage Moby Dick School Chart
Large Vintage Moby Dick School Chart
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Large Vintage Moby Dick School Chart

Large A1 (25" x 33") Moby Dick School Chart - Whale Hunt Poster - Bow Whale and Sperm Whale Poster - Antique Style

Call me Ishmael and take a look at this lovely print about the Bow Whale and Sperm Whale - the very same type that Captain Ahab famously hunted to disastrous allegorical end. Perfect for the kids room, living room, bathroom, beach house, or wherever your captain’s quarters may be.

High Quality Pull Down Chart handmade by us in Berlin, Germany. Delivered with attached dowels and string - ready to hang.

∆ Dimensions:
Canvas: A1 33” wide x 23” tall | 84.1 cm wide x 59.4 cm tall
Dowel: and hardware adds 2” (5 cm) to width.

Other sizes available

Please note that the descriptions and words on this print are in German.

➳ extensive, curated selection of rare prints
➳ professional high-res scanning
➳ color adjustment based on the original from our archive
➳ heavy-weight canvas
➳ best archival pigments available (fade-proof for 70+ years)

✯ shipped globally w/ tracking via UPS express in protective and sturdy cardboard
✯ approx. 10 days globally, and 5 days within Europe
✯ we offer flat-rate shipping, so there's no cost for additional prints

My team and I have been collecting books and curating prints for 10 years, selling in German markets for 5, and online for a couple years. We know what we’re doing. We are an eclectic blend of biologists, teachers, artists, and designers. But the thing that unites us is a passion for our work: digging through our massive archive of over 50,000 prints, searching for the rare, the beautiful few and using our technical know-how to create the best reproductions possible scanned directly from the originals. Each print you see requires several hours of work in order to meet our standards. In a word, we’re selling museum-quality prints at thrift store prices, and we love it. Thanks for visiting, and feel free to contact me with any questions!

- Uwe

p.s. - please be aware that slight color variation due to monitor differences can occur

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Materials: archival ink,archival paper

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Delivery time: approx. 5-10 days